Last updated:Jun 27, 2007

Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2007

13(Fri)-17(Tue) July, 2007
National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka(13-16 July)
Science Museum, Tokyo (17 July)

This conference is for scientists, middle/high school teachers and people who are involved in astronomical education and public outreach activities from all parts of the world.
The purpose of this conference is to share developments of tools and software, teaching techniques regarding astronomy and science education.
Participators' experiences and current achievements help us to find better ways for the HOU activities in the future.

Topics :
  1. Net and other Telescope Networks
  2. Astronomy Databases
  3. New Scientific Activities Enabled by Telescope Networks and Databases
  4. The educations based on collaboration
  5. Hands-on Activities Using New Technologies
  6. Expanding Global HOU to other nations

Hosted by:
Japan Hands-On Universe (JAHOU)

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

Supported by:
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network